American Horror Story The Best Show Out There

Greatest New Show Ever Made

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The new horror show that I’m watching with my girl friend is pretty little liars. One of the biggest fans of AHS is locksmith Burbank ca owner that can’t get enough of the show. At first I just thought it was a chick show but I was completely wrong about that. The first person that told me about this show was mark from locksmith cedar park TX, and since then I’ve been hooked. Its actually really interesting and it got me hooked right away. It’s a bout five girls that use to be friends because of one girl, and while they were all friends the one girl that had kept them all close had disappeared and then found dead. But the thing is that nobody knows what happen to the girl and who did it. The twist on this horror show is that one day all the other four girls get a random text saying the same thing “I know what you did” and the message was sent in private so they didn’t know who it was coming from. I caught the girls at locksmith company in Austin, Tx watching this show during their break from locksmith Austin Texas. The last twist on the story is that in the end of each text that the girls start getting, the signature on it has a capital A on it which was the first letter of the 5th girl that went missing and had died name. Just a thing that I observed from the show were the different solar screens for windows and room darkening shades that they had installed from window roller blinds at great prices. I did some research and found some cool things online like the window treatments you can get online. So overall it really gets you hooked and makes you want to find out who it was and what happen and what the girls actually did.

The last episode I saw, it was featuring a wedding. The shows website was made by web design miami and I always watch the shows online. My girlfriend fell head over heels for the wedding dress that the main character was wearing, lucky her she went online and found a similar one. I’m not planning on getting married anytime soon, but women will be women. Anyway, check out Say Yes Wedding Dresses, for the latest fashion trends on a cheap wedding dresses online. They really do have some nice stuff.

AHS Is The Best Show On TV

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American Horror Story
It’s my favorite time of the year, Halloween.

I can remember being a kid and loving Halloween even more than Christmas. I have always been a fan of horror movies and suspense.

Halloween brings all of that and the TV networks run old scary movies. There is nothing better than sitting down on your couch with the lights off and some popcorn watching a scary flick. Speaking of that, I love the show American Horror Story.

I heard about it from a friend a few months back and have been glued to it ever since. The people at locksmith in corpus Christi told me that AHS is the best show right now. I love the creepy feel and suspense.
Watching scary movies and shows has always been a little guilty pleasure of mine.

The feeling of being scared and on your toes is something that cannot be felt unless you are in real danger.

The adrenaline that runs through your body at these kinds of moments is very addictive. It feels like a natural high that cannot be duplicated. I just told the owner of garage door repair killeen about this show and he loves it too. For this reason, I love American Horror Story. I find myself entrenched and feel a connection with the characters. Good TV shows don’t come along often so if you like horror and suspense check out American Horror Story. I also installed motors on these shades from somfy and they look really nice and operate without effort now.

Reviewing The First Season Of AHS

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American Horror story is easily one the best shows on television. In it’s first year on tv it has received a lot of praised by a lot of critics.

Thankfully, there will be a 2nd season and I know a lot of you guys will look forward to watching it this November. I still get mad at krysty from because she was the one that got me hooked on watching this show. The first season was truly amazing, it had a lot of twist and turns and you could not predict what would happen next.
I remember giving the show a try on it’s first episode and it caught me right there and then. I got the first season of AHS from this movie store next to bounce house rentals miami. All the characters were very likable and it just caught your attention. I don’t want to ruin the show for you so stop reading if you have not seen the show. I didn’t watch the first couple of seasons of AHS but my friend from locksmith Miami beach got me up to date and i really liked it and started watching it. I know that you are wondering how the ghosts could talk with the humans but it was really cool how it would go back and forth.

Little by little the directors of the show gave you hints about who was the killer and you never really knew it until the last few shows of the season. The owner of retractable awnings miami says that he does not like the show that much but is actually starting to like the second season. My favorite part of the show, was when the kid showed the girl her dead body. The owner of purematcha was the one that got me into AHS and told me everything about the first season. I started watching AHS when I saw it at lobby, because I called them for auto locksmith San Antonio and had some time to watch the show. I really was not expecting that but it was cool how they showed her decayed body in the basement.

Also, I hope for next season that the main characters make guest appearance to keep it interesting. Another interesting thing I liked about the show was the aluminum extrusion plant that they showed in season 1, it’s really cool how re-did the whole aluminum plant just for the show. I love the fact that the ghosts can’t leave the house and I hope they can’t leave the show either!